Collection: Earrings

Our Materials

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls are renowned for both their affordability and unparalleled beauty across a diverse spectrum of colours, shapes and sizes. Each freshwater pearls is a unique gem, symbolising inherent beauty and individuality.

Within our curated collection, we classify near round and round pearls as "Round", ovals as "Oval", buttons as "Button", buns as "Bun", drops as "Drop", corn and abacus shapes as "Corn", rice shapes as "Rice", and various other shapes as "Baroque".

Every individual pearl possesses its distinct flaw, charm and uniqueness. At Glory Chest, we dedicate ourselves to the meticulous selection and filtration of each pearl, an ongoing process aimed at continually elevating the quality of our handmade jewellery. The right pearl for you transcends being a mere accessory, it is a reflection of your inner radiance, deserving of appreciation.

Swarovski Elements

The luminous splendour of Swarovski elements is strategically integrated into select pieces of our handmade jewellery, boldly adding a touch of brilliance to enrich and elevate your everyday style.


Quartz, an extraordinary gemstone with inherent healing properties, has the remarkable ability to infuse your life with rejuvenating energies and instil a serene balance to your emotions. In our carefully crafted handmade jewellery, we incorporate the enchanting essence of quartz to not only enhance your allure but also to imbue you with positive energies, empowering you to gracefully overcome challenges.


We have deliberately selected S925 and high-quality plated accessories for our handmade jewellery, demonstrating our commitment to providing superior craftsmanship. Our dedication to sourcing premium accessories is driven by a paramount concern for minimizing potential allergic reactions.

Individuals may exhibit varying allergy responses to jewellery; hence, we advise exercising caution during your purchase, especially if you have a history of jewellery-related allergies. It's important to note that we cannot assume responsibility for any allergic reactions, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

A key tenet of our mission is to consistently enhance the quality of our handmade jewellery through the procurement of top-tier third-party supplies. This commitment underscores our relentless pursuit of delivering the expected level of quality in every piece of handmade jewellery we create.